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AWS Romanian PM90P Pistol, 7.62x39

Price: $649.95
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AWS Romanian PM90P Pistol, 7.62x39

The Advanced Weapon Systems PM90P in 7.62x39 uses a new US receiver and virgin Romanian made parts is a new way to think about AK pistols. This pistol is 100% modular, whereas common substitutes require expensive conversions or flimsy hardware to function in a manner similar to an SBR ie. pistol braces that mount under the pistol grip. With the AWS PM90P, you can have your cake and eat it too. Standard Draco pistols are not easy to accessorize or upgrade down the road due to the proprietary handguards and rear trunnion. The PM90P, however, features a standard rear trunnion and handguard configuration while enjoying the compactness of a 12 inch barrel and wire folding stock. This means you can install tactical accessories; change stock and arm brace options, and upgrade individual parts with the same ease as any standard AK rifle.

The PM90P includes the original wire folding stock, gently welded in the closed position. Customers seeking an authentic SBR candidate needn't look further. The mild tac weld holding the wire stock forward can be removed with a dremel, and the stock will function as intended. Alternatively, the wire stock assembly can simply be removed using the 2 rear tang stock screws, allowing the entire wire stock assembly to be replaced with ease. These actions of course come with specific legal obligations, requiring compliance with the National Firearms Act and any state laws.

Includes owner’s manual, surplus sling, and a 7.62x39 magazine of manufactures choice.

**All Firearms Must ship to valid FFL. Before placing your order please coordinate with the receiving FFL prior to placing your order. A copy of a vaild FFL is required to be on file before your order will ship! Upload a copy of their license at the time of checkout or have them fax (260-739-3180) or email ( a copy of their license to us with your name and the type of firearm ordered. Be sure to include their info in your order at the Shipping Address or in the notes section.**
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I want to thank you all for the awesome new online store. And to those that are worried about the functionality of the site, I placed my order Tuesday, it shipped Wednesday, and I already received the package this morning (Thursday) before I even went to work. Keep up the great work.
- S. Tillman (via Facebook)
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