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Below is our infamous FAQ. Use this to find the answers to some of the questions you may have.


1. How come you automatically add a signature required for the delivery of my package?

For the protection of us both, quite honestly. If your order was of high value, contained firearms and/or ammunition, we will automatically add a signature required for it regardless of the order size (this is mandatory for firearms, no exceptions). We do this to ensure the package reaches you, the intended customer. Please be aware of this and plan accordingly before placing your order. If your order only contained ammunition, or non-firearm related products, and you absolutely don't want to sign for it you can request it be sent without a signature requirement. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but be advised that AGSArmament & Consulting LLC will not be held legally and/or financially for liable, nor will we replace any product or order at our expense, that is damaged, lost, or stolen, for any products related to that order. Additionally, we may refuse to ship it entirely, and cancel the order prior to completion of the transaction.


2. Why was my order cancelled?

Orders can be cancelled for a variety of reasons such as:

-Item(s) ordered is no longer in stock.
-Order contained item(s) not lawful for possession in your locality.
-Invalid payment, shipping, or information provided.
-Required documentation not submitted.

Once your order has been cancelled, the item(s) will be re-listed online. If you want to replace your order, you are more than welcome to do so. An authorization may appear on your Credit Card, but funds are not collected unless your order is processed and any “Authorized” funds are typically released by your Credit Card company within 7 business days.


3. What happened to the items in my cart?

We allocate inventory based on the successful submission of your order with a valid form of payment. Meaning if you have not checked out, or have left items in your cart for any period of time the items are not guaranteed. If at any time your are shopping, your cart will always be refreshed automatically to display our current available inventory. Keep in mind if you have a hard to get or extremely popular items, checking out promptly will increase the chances of ensuring you get it.


4. How come you do not ship "X" item to my state or locality?

Usually we do not ship items to certain states, cities, or localities due a law that prohibits us from doing so. These can be Federal, State, or Local laws and ordinances that vary greatly across the country. There are certain states that have such complex laws that change constantly, that even though a particular items may be legal to possess, we choose to stay on the side of caution, and just not ship certain types of items there all together. New York for example, we do not ship any type of firearms there, even though some types are legal (for now).


5. How do I buy purchase a firearms online?

Purchasing a firearm online is fairly simple. You will still need it shipped to a local gun shop and complete the BATFE paperwork required. We highly suggest that your make arrangements or have a relationship with a local FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee a.k.a. Gun Shop) before placing an order for a firearm online. This will always make your transaction go much faster and smoothly. Upon placing an order you can provide the receiving FFL's information in the "shipping address" if you know the information before hand, or just note the name and contact information of the shop in the "notes" box while checking out. You will have the option of uploading a copy of their license, if you have a copy, when checking out. If they do not provide you with a copy of their license, instructions and information for submitting it will be provided in the order confirmation email. Please note that your order will not be processed and or shipped until a valid FFL is received. If we do not receive the required documentation within 3 business day, your order will be cancelled. Once we receive a copy of their FFL, we will process and ship your order to them. You will have to pick it up from them and pay any additional transfer fees and complete the BATFE Form 4473 to complete your purchase.


6. If I have a question about an item on your store, can I call/email you?

You sure can. Calling our shop phone during store hours is the fastest method of getting your simple questions answered. We may ask you to send an email if your query isn't something we can take care of quickly while you're on the line. We check our emails throughout the day, but we may not be able to answer them before closing. We will do our best to respond by the end of the following business day.


7. Do you offer a hand-pick option on your used/trade-in firearms?

On some items, yes. If a hand pick option is specifically mentioned in the description, we will pick the item to best match what you're looking for from our stock on hand. Hand-picking is a $15 service, and you will need to call us during our store hours to place your order.


8. My shipment arrived, but is Damaged and/or Incomplete.

While we do our best to ensure that your orders are packaged securely and arrive intact, please understand that we do not actually carry or know in what manner your package will be handled by the carrier who delivers it. If your package arrives and appears to be damage or looks like it was attacked by a bear, and you believe items may be missing please contact us ASAP. If the driver hands it to you or you pick it up from a shipping center, begin your complaint there. Also taking pictures of your package as it arrived to you and providing them to us will greatly make the claims process easier. will do our best to assist, you the customer with filing a claim against the carrier to get you reimbursed for the damaged item(s). We will not accept responsibility or replace, any items damaged by a shipping carrier due to their negligent handling of a package.

If a package arrives and appears undamaged and/or we made an error on our part such as; not including the proper item(s) or correct quantity. Please contact us and we will promptly ship the correct item(s) and/or provide a return label for any items that may have been shipped due to an error. Please note, the customer will be responsible for returning any items in timely manner, or they will be charged accordingly.


9. Does offer Layaways?

We sure do. Layaway orders must be initiated by email. Please email us at and provide us with:

Billing Address
Shipping Address
Item # or URL to the product(s) you wish to order along with quantity
For items requiring an FFL please provide the shipping address of the FFL and contact them to have them send us a copy of their FFL

A non-refundable* deposit is required and will need to be paid to initiate the layaway. Deposits can be submitted using the following methods:

Certified Bank Check, USPS Money Order, or Credit Card (2.5% added for CC deposits)

You will receive an email with the contents of your order for verification and to show your remaining balance. Deposits and terms are as follows:


20% deposit on total purchase, 30 days to pay remaining balance.

50% deposit on total purchase, 45 days to pay remaining balance.


*Deposits on all layaway orders are non-refundable. Failure to pay the remaining balance in the time allowed based on the deposit amount; a restocking fee of 5% of the total order will be assessed. The remaining deposit shall be available as a store credit that the customer may use at


10. My package never arrived and/or was lost in transit?


From time to time, the all great and powerful monopoly of shipping carriers manages to lose a package. If your package never arrives, please contact us so we can check the tracking number in an attempt to see where your package may have ended up. If an error on either our or your part was made, we will do our best to reroute the package to the intended recipient. However, in the event that your item was seriously lost in transit by the carrier, we will file a claim on our end and make arrangements to complete your order with a replacement or refund. AGS Armament & Consulting will not be liable for lost or stolen items that are marked as delivered and/or have reached their intended destination, we will assist the customer in filing a claim to recoup the loss. For this reason, all items valued over $250.00/Ammo/Firearms are shipped with a "Signature Required" for delivery, the customer may waive this requirement in writing, but assumes all liability in the event of loss for the package.


11. My firearm did not come with a magazine, but one was mentioned in the item description.  What happened?


One of two things may have happed in this situation: 

-Your state of residence or locale prohibits possession of the magazine described in the item description, and was removed from the package prior to shipment.  No substitutions or discounts for removal of magazines or any other custom magazine if your state of residence does not allow magazines over a certain capacity.  It is your responsibility as the customer to be aware of your state and local laws before placing your order.
-We goofed, and your firearm was not paired with a magazine.  Contact us regarding your order.  

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I want to thank you all for the awesome new online store. And to those that are worried about the functionality of the site, I placed my order Tuesday, it shipped Wednesday, and I already received the package this morning (Thursday) before I even went to work. Keep up the great work.
- S. Tillman (via Facebook)
Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at competitive prices. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to shop online. -AGS Armament