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Royally Screwed AK-311 Romanian M10 Lower Side Mount, Front Biased

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Royally Screwed AK-311 Lower Side Mount, Front Biased

The lower half of the RS mounting system provides a rugged, lightweight and highly adaptable way to mount a variety of optics on a Romanian M10 Rifle. Allows for the optic to be aligned over the bore and can be adjusted. This is only the lower half of the system and a RS top mount for your desired optic or application must be purchased as well to complete the system.

These mounts will only fit on the Romanian M10 Rifles due to the higher elevated AK side mounts and will not work on normal positioned AK side mounts.

Here is the mount for the normal rifles: Royally Screwed AK-301M Lower Side Mount, Front Biased

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I want to thank you all for the awesome new online store. And to those that are worried about the functionality of the site, I placed my order Tuesday, it shipped Wednesday, and I already received the package this morning (Thursday) before I even went to work. Keep up the great work.
- S. Tillman (via Facebook)
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